Automated imaging of DNA, RNA, and protein gels

GEL IMAGING has become a routine and highly automated process in many modern laboratories, helped along by rapid equipment innovation. The latest development from Syngene is a gel imaging system called G:Box F3, which automatically captures and analyses images of DNA, RNA, and protein gels.

Syngene's G:Box F3 automatically adjusts for gel and stain type

The unassuming box contains a 3.8megapixel CCD camera, filter wheel, and compact darkroom, all controlled by GeneSys imaging software. This automatically selects the most appropriate filtering and lighting for any commercially-available dye, making the creation of high-quality images a simple job, says Syngene.

Inside the cabinet is an overhead Epi white light, while a UV light and transilluminator, or a visible light converter, can also be fitted. An optional UltraBright LED blue light transilluminator will appeal to labs with particular concerns about safety and UV sample damage.

The device comes bundled with unlimited copies of Synegene’s GeneTools image analysis software, so all researchers can generate independent quantitative analyses of their protein and DNA.

“G:Box F3 is a well-priced system suited to busy labs where researchers use a range of different gels. It is suitable for experienced users and novices, as they only have to know what gel and stain have been used. We think this versatility makes G:Box F3 the best budget automated gel imaging system available” says Laura Sullivan, Syngene’s divisional manager.

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