Hide your centrifuge under the lab bench

...and when she's not needed, simply slide her under the bench. The cabinet, not the scientist!

SPACE on the lab bench always seems to be at a premium, and equipment manufacturers regularly roll-out new products that are intended to occupy less of this precious commodity.

In Eppendorf’s case, the roll-out is quite literal. Its latest product is a roll-out cabinet for some benchtop centrifuge models, enabling the machinery to be stored under the laboratory bench when not needed.

Designed to fit the company’s 5804/5804 R and 5810/5810 R centrifuge models, the powder-coated steel Rolling Cabinet is sturdily built to ensure safe centrifugation, has two locking castors, and an integral drawer to store rotors and other accessories.

“The rolling cabinet allows more efficient use of space as the centrifuge can simply be pushed under most lab benches when not in use, with rotors and accessories in the drawer. This also gives great freedom and flexibility to share a centrifuge wherever users need to actually work,” commented Peter Schreiner, Eppendorf’s product manager for centrifugation.


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