Cartridges promise better Flash separations

CLAIMING 40% more surface area than alternative Flash silica cartridges, Biotage says its new Snap Ultra chromatography consumables deliver higher loading capacity and more efficient separations.

Snap Ultra chromatography cartridges from Biotage use spherical particles for faster separations

The use of spherical particles instead if the more usual irregular shaped silica fragments is the main reason for the superior performance, says the company.

This enables the researcher to load twice as much sample on one of these cartridges as on a conventional chromatography cartridge of the same size – or in other words, a cartridge of half the size can be used.

Smaller, higher surface area cartridges give faster separations and use less solvent, which in turn means lower costs and less wastage.

Snap Ultra cartridges offer universal plug-and-play via the standard luer connections and, like other products in the Snap range, a removable cap enables samples to be loaded internally.


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