Solving the solvent bumping problem

LABORATORY scientists, especially those working in purification and synthesis, may find advantages in using the Dri-Pure system which facilitates solvent removal without cross-contamination or sample loss due to bumping.

Genevac says that other methods of removing solvent are difficult and time-consuming, or can lead to contamination, but that Dri-Pure offers smooth and controlled removal in a short time. Dri-Pure is available on all Genevac centrifugal evaporators.

It works by reducing the pressure in the evaporation chamber while adjusting the speed of the rotor to control the G force, and controlling temperature during the pressure ramping cycle. All three parameters – pressure, temperature, and rotor speed – are controlled in a single device.

Genevac offers access to an independent study which it says demonstrates how the Dri-Pure approach prevents solvent bumping in all the samples that were tested.



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