Violet laser promises better cytometry and confocal microscopy

MANY short wavelength imaging operations, including confocal imaging and flow cytometry, can be improved through use of a compact new high-power violet laser says Coherent.

Coherent’s Obis 405 is a powerful violet laser in a compact package

The Obis 405 LX delivers 250mW power at a wavelength of 405nm, along with direct analogue and digital modulation capabilities at up to 150MHz.

All of this is available in a compact package measuring just 70x40x38mm, making the Obis 405 LX the most powerful laser of its size according to the company.

The device laser can be operated at up to 110% of maximum rated power.

This new laser light source is intended for OEM applications in laboratory instrumentation, and for end users when deployed with a CDRH-compliant remote.

Like others in the range, this laser is built on the plug-and-play principle with the laser cavity and control electronics all incorporated in a compact housing.

Coherent says the laser offers superior beam quality which makes it ideal for use in confocal microscopy and both multi-laser and single laser applications of flow cytometry.

Its output is ideal for exciting traditional dyes, such as Alexa Fluor and Pacifica Blue, as well as the wide variety of Qdots, the company adds.

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