Accessories may upstage inverted research microscope

THE Eclipse Ts2R is Nikon’s new intermediate-sized inverted research microscope, an instrument which can be configured for a number of observation methods including phase contrast, emboss contrast, Hoffman modulation contrast, and differential interference contrast (DIC).

The H117 stage from Prior Scientific offers precision and repeatability for Nikon Ts2R microscope users

Now Prior Scientific has introduced a new range of stages, focus motors and automation software for the instrument.

For highly accurate and precise XY sample positioning, Prior’s H117 microscope stage offers a travel range of 114x75mm.

The company says its Intelligent Scanning Technology enables Nikon Ts2R users to increase accuracy with this stage, offering 10nm resolution and mean repeatability of +/-0.2um.

For accurate and repeatable focussing control, the Prior Scientific says the PS3H122R focus motor delivers a focus resolution of just two nanometres – 0.002um.

The ProScan III Control System allows users to control the entire imaging process from a single point, and even controls the acceleration, speed, and drive current of the accessories.

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