Peristaltic lab pumps are ‘intuitive’

SAID to be the most intuitive dispensing pumps available, Wheaton’s new UniSpense Pro and OmniSpense Elite have a graphical icon-based interface and a large 5-inch display to make operation simple and straightforward.

Wheaton's OmniSpense Elite peristaltic pump has a large angled display

These peristaltic pumps promise precise dispensing performance to maximise lab researchers’ productivity, and the use of pictograms means that operation does not depend on the operators’ language ability, says Wheaton.

The pumps’ small footprint and angled display make them suitable for use is a fume cupboard or bio safety cabinet, and they can be programmed to perform a specific procedure which can be stored and recalled with ease.

Another example of the intuitive features of the pumps is in calibration: a single calibration screen guides the operator through the calibration process, eliminating printed manuals and complicated scroll-through menus.

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