Image Petri dishes inside the workstation

A NEW Petri dish imaging system which fits inside a workstation has been launched by Don Whitley Scientific. Enabling plates to be photographed while incubation continues, and without having to remove them from the workstation, the Whitley Petrifoto uses a Canon digital camera to provide high quality images.

Image taken with the Don Whitley Petrifoto system

Due to its small size, Petrifoto can pass through a workstation airlock and so can be available when needed. Lighting is by means of a 3D lightbox fitted with ‘daylight’ LEDs providing accurate colour temperature for realistic rendition.

The unit has independently controllable underside and side lighting, making it suitable for all agar growth media and colony types.

The Canon digital camera is fitted with a wide-angle zoom lens and auto focus, and produces high quality images at 12 megapixel resolution. Being highly automated, little photographic skill is required of the operator.

The system comes complete with an SD memory card, and is compatible with the Eye-Fi card standard to allow wireless image transmission to an external computer.

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