Fume hoods reduce energy costs

Saf T Flow lab fume hood promises rapid return on investment

FLOW SCIENCES says that reducing the airflow face velocity in its Saf T Flow chemical fume hoods can reduce energy costs by up to 60%.

Laboratory fume hoods normally run with a face velocity of 0.5m/sec or 100fpm (feet per minute).

The company says it has used state-of-the-art technology to re-invent the fume cupboard, and has developed hoods that can safely and efficiently remove fumes and protect personnel while operating at a face velocity of just 60fpm (0.3m/sec).

The result is significant savings in heating and air conditioning costs which can approach 60%. This in turn means a rapid return on the investment in this laboratory technology.

Saf T Flow chemical fume hoods are available from 3ft wide to 8ft wide in 1ft increments (about 0.9 to 2.4m width in 0.3m increments). A complete line of plumbing and electrical fixtures are available for specific lab requirements.

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