Benchtop spectrometers ‘outperform’ in light-element analysis

PANALYTICAL says the combination of the latest excitation and detection technologies means that its upgraded Epsilon 3X benchtop X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers can match or even surp[ass the performance of more powerful instruments for the detection of light elements.

Benchtop spectrometer promises high performance for light element analysis

The Panalytical Epsilon 3X is equipped with 50 kV excitation and the latest high-resolution silicon drift detector, enabling analysis of elements from sodium up to americium. In comparison, the Epsilon 3XLE is configured with the even more powerful SDDUltra silicon drift detector to make possible the analysis of ultra-light elements like carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. The company says elements can be present in concentrations ranging from ppm to 100%, with little or no sample preparation required.

Advanced spectrum processing and state-of-the-art algorithms provide highly accurate and precise, fully traceable data. A variety of software options for standardless analysis, fingerprinting, regulatory compliance or multi-layer analysis is available.

Simon Milner, Panalytical’s product marketing manager, comments: “Smart combination of the latest excitation and detection technologies of the new Epsilon 3X benchtop spectrometers provides ultimate light-element performance, matching – and sometimes even surpassing – the analytical performance of larger, more powerful spectrometers.

“These cost-effective and highly flexible analytical tools are suitable for applications in a wide range of industries such as cement production, mineral beneficiation or polymer production”.

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