Extract more data from microplate analysis

MOLECULAR Devices’s SoftMax Pro data acquisition software has been updated to smooth the acquisition and analysis of experimental data from microplate readers, especially in regulated environments.

SoftMax Pro 6 GxP is said to make it easy to upgrade from previous versions, with a feature allowing existing databases to be integrated without having to re-establish and revalidate the whole system.

This should decrease the time and resources needed at the upgrade stage, improving efficiency and lowering costs for the laboratory.

The software now also supports the SpectraMax Paradigm multi-mode detection platform, and FilterMax F3/F5 microplate readers.

Users benefit from a customised validation package including such features as printable IQ-OQ worksheets, data analysis tests, comprehensive instructions, and ready-to-use sample data. All of this should streamline the software validation process.

Among the editing packages included are a Syntax Helper formula writing tool, and a useful data analysis feature including numerous curve fits such as Parallel Line Analysis (PLA), 4-P, 5-P logistics, independent plot weighting, confidence interval calculations, and parameter dependencies chart, largely eliminating the need for additional software.

Molecular Devices says the software is tightly aligned to the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11 compliance requirements for electronic signatures and records.

Security is provided through controlled access and automatic lockout systems, while the audit trail enables easy tracking and recording of actions.

Larger organisations will appreciate the centralised administration which permits multiple administrators and remote management of user accounts.

Password-aging, log-on failure lockout, automatic idle log out, off-line working, and guest access are additional features that the company says are unique to this software.

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