Turbomolecular vacuum pump improves lab efficiency

THE FIRST in a new series of high performance turbomolecular vacuum pumps from Agilent, the TwisTorr 304 FS, has applications in analytical instrumentation, research programmes, and the semiconductor and nanotechnology sectors.  

TwisTorr 304FS is first of a new line of laboratory vacuum pumps from Agilent

TwisTorr 304 FS features a novel type of floating suspension technology which allows it to spin up to 60,000rpm and pump as much as 250 litres/minute for N2. Agilent says the suspension mechanism also improves reliability and increases by a factor of 100 the light gas compression ratios attainable.

Agilent says the TwisTorr drag stages guarantee high pumping speed and compression ratios for hydrogen and helium. The pump also provides ‘unparalleled’ throughput and high foreline tolerance, plus low power consumption and low operating temperature

The floating suspension system delivers low vibration and noise, extending the working life of the bearings and creating a stable vacuum for sensitive instruments like scanning electron microscopes

The new pump will be available in January 2013, in a variety of speeds.

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