Take control of CO2 mixtures during live cell imaging

THE OKOLAB Bold Line CO2 controller, available in the USA from distributor Warner Instruments, give the scientist full control of atmospheric gas concentrations during imaging work on live cells.  

Okolab Bold Line CO2 controller controls CO2 from 0-18 percent

This full digital gas controller adds CO2 to air or N2, controlling gas concentration with an accuracy of +/-5 percent.

CO2 can be mixed from 0 to 18 percent of the atmosphere, with a set point resolution of 0.1 percent.

Operation via the touchscreen interface and OKO-Control software is said to be very easy, and the device integrates fully with Bold Line temperature controllers.

Dual gas control is a further option, by attaching the controller to an O2 unit to control both CO2 and O2 within the range 0-18 percent and 0-10 percent, respectively.

An optional Smart Box data logger and web server allows operation via any web-enabled device. Sensor calibration is made with an external meter or calibration gas.

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