Three peristaltic pump channels from one pump head

AN INNOVATIVE peristaltic pump design which allows three independent flow lines to be connected to a single motor has been introduced by Idex Health and Science.  

Reglo ICC has three independent pump channels to save space and cost in the laboratory

The Ismatec Reglo ICC (independent channel control) allows individual control of each fluid channel, reducing the need to buy multiple pumps.

The design also helps maximise space on the lab bench and minimise clutter, both of which are important considerations in many laboratories.

The Reglo ICC pump offers continuous pumping or precision dispensing on each of its three channels, along with bi-directional flow and tubing cassettes for easy and fast tubing changeovers.

Independent channel calibration minimises the tube-to-tube differences, promising optimum accuracy.

The Reglo ICC is self-priming and not sensitive to dry-running, handles flow rates from of 0.002 up to 35ml/min, and copes with differential pressures up to 1bar. It is available in the UK from Michael Smith Engineers.


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