Raman microspectroscope with multiple laser colours

CRAIC Technologies has added further laser wavelengths to its Apollo Raman microspectrometer, with blue, green, red, and infrared now available. 

Craic Apollo Raman spectrometer now available with lasers from blue to infrared

Used in conjunction with a light microscope, the Craic Apollo measures Raman spectra from samples or selected areas of large samples.

It can also be an accessory to a Craic Technologies microspectrophotometer, adding Raman microspectroscopy to UV-visible-NIR absorbance, reflectance, and fluorescence microspectroscopy capabilities.

The new laser range from 405nm to 830nm means that many new capabilities are available to researchers and engineers, including resonance Raman spectroscopy.

Mulitple lasers can be combined on a single microscope for maximum experimental flexibility.

The Apollo Raman is a self contained microspectrometer featuring Raman grade lasers as the light source, an optical interface with the microscope, a Raman spectrometer, and advanced software for instrument control and data analysis.

Lasers are now offered throughout the visible and near infrared region and include 405, 473, 488, 546, 638, 660, 785 and 830nm.

Each module can be used either individually or the modules may be combined so that mulitple laser wavelengths can be used to probe a single sample.

The idea is to provide a highly flexible Raman microspectrometer with the optimum laser wavelengths to enhance spectroscopic results.

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