Liquid handling automation now integrated with sample prep

DESCRIBED as a ‘game-changing’ development in laboratory automation, Agilent’s new Encore Multispan liquid handling system combines multispan pipetting with a robotic arm to deliver what the company promises will be a new level of productivity and throughput.  

Agilent’s Encore Multispan integrates liquid handling and a robotic arm

The system should enable researchers to automate a larger portion of their work, and significantly expand their walkaway time.

“We worked to understand many bottlenecks and limitations of sample-prep automation,” said Yvonne Linney, vice president and general manager of automation at Agilent, “and came up with this combination of advanced liquid handling and robotics to enable true sample-to-analysis automation.” 

Encore Multispan includes a dual pipetting system providing two individual banks of multiple pipettes, each bank being able to move independently in multiple axes.

Each pipette can operate with various formats of labware including tubes, vials, and microplates.

Operating software includes a 3D simulator to facilitate the set-up, visualisation, and consequent optimisation of laboratory protocols before running live experiments with precious samples.

The built-in robotic arm has a span of 53cm off-deck, offering great flexibility in the integration of end-to-end workflows.

Agilent says the combination of these capabilities provides researchers with improved ability to automate applications including high-throughput screening, Elisa, Adme/Tox, compound management and sample-preparation.

First shipments of Encore Multispan are expected in the second quarter of 2013.  

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