Free molecular modelling software

JUST DAYS after launching its TorchV10 molecular modelling software, Cresset has released a free version. Offering 3D molecular viewing, sketching, and editing, TorchV10lite is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.  

TorchV10lite showing the 3D structure and molecular field around Vancomycin

The software works with 2D and 3D structures, displaying the molecular field patterns of molecules and giving a visual representation of their physicochemical properties. 

TorchV10lite enables users to compare the structure activity relationship (SAR) of up to 10,000 molecules, giving what Cresset describes as a rich, informative view of how compounds behave in biological systems.

An update to the company’s FieldView application, TorchV10lite supports the next-generation XED3 force field for more accurate electrostatics, and offers several new features.

It support protein data bank (pdb) files, viewing protein-ligand interactions and simple cheminformatics tools, including 2D Tanimoto similarity.

Cresset requires a simple registration process to be completed on its website, and will send a license file and download link to the email address provided.


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