Fluorescence spectrometer has double the sensitivity

THE NEW FLS980 fluorescence spectrometer from Edinburgh Photonics is suitable for steady state, lifetime and phosphorescence measurements in photophysics, photochemistry, biophysics, biochemistry and semiconductor physics, says the company.  

Replacing the FLS920, the new FLS980 fluorescence spectrometer delivers twice the sensitivity

A development of the FLS920, the FLS980 delivers higher performance with double the sensitivity, in a fully automated modular spectrometer for fundamental research and routine laboratory applications.

Sensitivity has been improved, and sample handling, optics and software are now combined for better technical performance and flexibility for luminescence spectroscopy.

Enhanced optics include high stray light rejection monochromators, a three-fold increase in monochromator options, and computer-controlled filter wheels for higher order removal to allow accurate measurement of spectra without higher order distortion. 

The new instrument has twice the sensitivity of the FLS920, with a S/N of 12000:1 measured on the Raman spectrum of distilled water using single monochromators. This allows measurements of even lower sample concentrations and the use of smaller sample volumes.

A large sample chamber with six-axis access to the sample, and an improved plug-and-play system of sample holders, are among the developments. An extensive range of laser light sources, flashlamps and detectors are available for the FLS980, so spectral measurements can be made from 200nm to 5um and with time resolution from a few picoseconds through to seconds.

A single, ultrafast data acquisition module accommodates any combination of light sources and detectors and provides easy set up and operation for Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC), Multi-channel scaling (MCS) and spectral scanning alike.


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