Ultra high-speed video at high resolution

THE LATEST ultra high-speed video camera from Specialised Imaging will, the company says, deliver high resolution 924×768 pixel images at up to two million frames per second for the most demanding of high speed imaging assignments. 

Kirana from Specialised Imaging delivers 2 million frames per second at high resolution

The new Kirana camera combines the flexibility of video with the resolution of ultra high speed framing cameras.

Employing a proprietary hybrid camera sensor, the Kirana ultra high-speed video camera can capture up to 40 events at a cyclic rate of 250ms, or store two seconds of video at 1000fps. Specialised Imaging says that full resolution is maintained at all speeds.

The camera offers comprehensive triggering facilities and accurate timing control, with a wide range of output signals. Full remote operation via ethernet is standard. Included is a software package with full measurement and image enhancement functions, including simplifies image capture and analysis.

Specialised Imaging says Kirana delivers impressive slow-motion video in just about any application or environment ranging from scientific research to ballistics testing.

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