Targeting oncology and neurology with next-generation sequencing

ROCHE says its new SeqCap EZ Library target enrichment products enable the enrichment of the whole exome or custom regions of interest prior to next-generation sequencing.

The new products are designed to enhance genetic variant discovery and detection in basic and clinical research studies, while minimising sequencing costs. They are optimised for subsequent sequencing on a variety of next-generation technology platforms.

SeqCap EZ Exome Plus Library enables researchers to create their own target enrichment discovery tools by adding up to 50Mb of custom targets to the existing 64Mb EZ Exome v3 products, giving the potential to target up to 114Mb of genomic DNA.

SeqCap EZ Exome +UTR Library offers an expanded exome enrichment design that includes 32Mb of untranslated regions (UTRs) in addition to the existing 64Mb EZ Exome v3 design, yielding 96Mb of exons and UTRs in total.     

The new disease-specific target enrichment panels for clinical research applications are designed to enhance the discovery of genetic variants underlying human cancers and neurological disorders. SeqCap EZ Comprehensive Cancer Design offers what Roche says is the most complete oncology enrichment design currently available, covering 578 genes implicated in a wide range of common and rare cancers. The SeqCap EZ Neurology Panel Design covers 256 genes associated with 87 neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and autism.

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