Lasers offer single longitudinal mode output

THE FIRST of their range of optically-pumped semiconductor lasers (OPSLs) to deliver single longitudinal mode (SLM) output, the two new Verdi G lasers from Coherent have a linewidth of less than 5MHz, which corresponds to a coherence length of tens of metres.

Verdi G lasers from Coherent are suitable for atom cooling and trapping

The new lasers are offered with a choice of 2 and 5Watts of output power at 532nm. Other wavelengths with SLM output are expected soon.

Coherent says its Verdi G SLM lasers are characterised by low noise, high electrical efficiency, and a small platform. Additionally, the optically-pumped semiconductor construction provides better stability and reliability than other visible laser types, it says. This enables single frequency OPSLs to deliver mode hop-free output over hours of continuous operation.

The lasers are suitable for applications where narrow linewidth and/or long coherence length are critical requirements, such as interferometry and holography, and also for atom cooling and trapping.

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