Bioreactor flask range bought by Wheaton

THE CELLINE range of bioreactor flasks for antibody and protein production has been acquired by Wheaton Industries from Wilson Wolf Manufacturing.

Wheaton has also entered into an agreement with Wilson Wolf for further product development in high density cell culture devices for the production of concentrated, cell secreted products.

Celline flasks are used worldwide for small scale suspension and adherent cultures. The dual membrane bioreactor system is designed as a humane alternative to hybridoma culture in the peritoneal cavity of mice, also known as the ascites method.

The flasks are said to enhance small scale bio-production for antibody and protein generation. Conventional in vivo or in vitro cell culture methods can be laborious, result in low cell density, and require significant purification. Celline flasks address these limitations by being ready-to-use and disposable, producing high cell density and high product concentration, while significantly reducing culture and processing time.

“We are excited to bring this technology to Wheaton and to our customers around the world. Combined with our existing portfolio they support the advancement of antibody and protein research, development and production,” says Stephen Drozdow, president of Wheaton. “We are also proud to have an ongoing partnership with Wilson Wolf, for collaboration and further advancement of cell culture products”.

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