Nanoparticle tracking analysis now defined by ASTM

THE PUBLICATION by the American Society of Testing Materials of its new guide new nanomaterial measurement – ASTM E2834 – has been welcomed by Nanosight.

Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis software run on the NanoSight NS500

The ‘standard guide for measurement of particle size distribution of nanomaterials in suspension by nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA)’ details the measurement of particle size distributions for suspended particles from about 10nm upwards.

Duncan Griffiths, NanoSight’s USA West sales manager comments: “This document provides a rigorous review of the core science driving Brownian motion and the derived parameters of mean, mode, percentile values and concentration. The scrutiny of third-party experts has produced a thorough appraisal of NTA. The result is a meticulous presentation of science and methodology”.

UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has been working on the characterisation of nanomaterials for many years, including collaboration with NanoSight. Helen Sharman from NPL comments: “The nanomaterials team has followed the development of the NTA technique with great interest due to its unique capability in the area of nanometrology. As the UK’s national measurement institute, NPL recognises the importance of this standard and the capability of the NanoSight instrumentation to provide consistent, precise and comparable data”.

NanoSight CEO Jeremy Warren adds: “The timing of this publication is helpful as the European Commission move to consider methodologies to address the characterisation challenges of their recently-published definition of nanomaterials. Here we see a significant role for NTA’s unique nanoparticle counting capability”.

The Standard is available from ASTM at

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