Drying of aqueous HPLC fractions made faster and easier

A HIGH throughput method for drying high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) fractions containing water is described in a new white paper from Genevac.

Tips to make drying HPLC fractions easier can be found in the Genevac white paper

Many lab workers experience difficulty in drying HPLC purification fractions. While the more volatile acetonitrile and methanol will usually evaporate easily, water can prove quite stubborn.

Genevac has developed a multi-stage method using its HT Series II centrifugal evaporator, which it says enables HPLC purification fractions to be dried in the fastest way safely possible.

Genevac says the HT Series II centrifugal evaporators benefit from years of experience in solvent removal, and offer features to improve sample protection and consistency of results, increase throughput, and reduce maintenance. Dri-Pure eliminates unwanted effects from solvent bumping, SampleGuard prevents heat damage to samples, and Auto-Defrost and Drain enables volatile solvents to be collected and disposed of safely.

The white paper can be downloaded from Genevac’s website, but requires registration.



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