Faster measurement of blood parameters

A HAEMATOLOGY and blood chemistry analyser just launched by Horiba Medical can measure both complete blood count (CBC) and C-reactive protein (CRP) in just four minutes, requiring only 18ul of sample.

Microsemi CRP from Horiba measures CRP and CBC in four minutes

The Microsemi CRP is now available in Europe, having been previously launched in Japan.

Horiba says the instrument’s fast and detailed CRP analysis allows the screening of patients for inflammation caused by bacterial infection or other disease, enabling quicker accurate medical decisions to reduce hospitalisation times and costs.

Measurement is possible immediately after blood sample collection, making this analyser suitable for emergency situations.

Its small sample requirement is also of benefit in paediatric care, with CBC measurement requiring just 10ul of blood or 18ul for combined CBC and CRP. Capillary and venous blood samples can both be used.

Other features that may appeal are the compact design, built-in analysis software and colour touchscreen, and environmental friendliness using a non-cyanide reagent for haemoglobin measurement.

Trivia fans may like to note that, while the instrument’s name may look like micro+semi, but it is in fact micros+emi. Micros is Horiba’s product range, and emi is the Japanese word for smile.


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