Automatic scanning of barcodes on lab racks

IT IS now possible to scan 1D barcodes on sample tubes in the laboratory in just five seconds, using the Tracxer BC210 barcode reader as an accessory to the Micronic RS210 Tracxer Code Reader.

Micronic Tracxer RS210 with BC210 accessory

The Tracxer RS210 provides complete tube code reading in the laboratory, working with 2D Data Matrix, TraXis or other competitive coded sample storage tubes.

Compatible with all standard storage racks from 24 to 384 well formats, the Tracxer RS210 works with robotic liquid handling and storage systems and, due to its compact A5 dimensions, demands little space on the lab bench.

The Tracxer BC210 barcode reader accessory is quick and easy to install, says Micronic, and its use minimises the risk of incorrectly placed racks while increasing sample and rack traceability.

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