Clinical microscopes are ergonomic and eco-friendly

TWO NEW clinical microscopes from Nikon – the Eclipse Ci and Ni – are designed to be easy to use, ergonomic, and environmentally-friendly. The Ci range has three models – the top of the range motorised Ci-E, the manual Ci-L with eco-friendly LED illumination, and the basic halogen lamp Ci-S.

The Ci series includes basic and advanced models

The Eclipse Ni-U is a consultant grade microscope based on the Eclipse Ti, promising imaging versatility with specimen information. With motorisation and multi-mode operation via extendable infinity space, along with improved ergonomics, this instrument should be able to handle all major imaging and observation techniques.

Nikon Ci microscopes incorporate the new DS-L3 camera control unit for full image control, and ergonomically-designed controls including buttons on the side and a nosepiece spacer to accommodate different users’ postures.It is equipped with motorised nosepiece switching (six positions) for applications that require frequent changes of magnification. This is coupled with automatic intensity adjustment, so that as the objective lens is changed the motorised swing-out condenser and LED intensity are automatically adjusted to suit the new configuration.

The combination of collimator lens and fly-eye optics with LED illumination gives a uniformly bright field of view, says Nikon, even at the periphery and at high magnification. Illumination is bright enough for phase contrast or simple polarising observation, and the long lifecycle reduces running costs and lamp replacement.

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