Confocal scope has evolved for live cell imaging

SINCE launching its C2 entry-level confocal microscope last year, Nikon reports increasing demand from users for a live-cell imaging version. This it has now provided, in the form of the C2 plus.

C2 plus is enhanced version of Nikon C2 confocal microscope

This enhanced instrument has scanning speeds more than twice as fast as the base C2. In galvano mode scanning is performed at up to 100fps (512×32 pixels) or at 8fps (512×512, bidirectional).

The modular C2 plus is equipped with the latest version 4.0 of Nikon’s NIS-Elements software, giving improved accuracy and sensitivity in image capture. NIS-Elements 4.0 gives a consistent interface for imaging applications and a range of other of software facilities.

This is particularly relevant when the C2 plus is coupled with Nikon’s upright Eclipse Ni microscope series, or the company’s inverted, physiological and macro imaging microscopes, using this universal software platform.

3D image acquisition is now faster, and high content screening functions for live cell observations and 2D interactive tracking are also improved.

Nikon says the C2 plus is a particularly powerful tool for confocal imaging when fitted with its high numerical aperture CFI60 series objectives, which is optimised for live cell imaging.

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