LC detector delivers thirty times the range and sensitivity

THE LATEST diode array detector for liquid chromatography from Agilent delivers 30 times more sensitivity and 30 times more range in linear UV than previous detectors, the company says. This makes 1200 Infinity Series equipped with the high dynamic range diode array detector a powerful tool when analysing mixed samples containing a wide range of concentration levels.

Agilent 1200 Infinity series HDR-DAD, now with detectors delivering more range and sensitivity

Rather than making a second injection, perhaps with recalibration, after an additional sample preparation cycle, this expanded range and sensitivity can acquire all the required information in a single run, it adds. This of course should substantially reduce turnaround time and increase laboratory productivity.

The upper linearity level is extended by a factor of three, to typically six absorbance units, allowing three times as much sample to be injected and reducing detector noise by a factor of ten. These improvements combine to give the claimed 30 times improvement in sensitivity.

“The 1200 Infinity Series HDR-DAD simplifies quantitation across many LC applications, for instance facilitating quantitation of active pharmaceutical ingredients and in a single run”, said Christian Gotenfels, Agilent product manager

The expanded linear range is the result of in Agilent’s Max-Light flow cells, in which optofluidic waveguides enable total internal reflection and therefore superior light transmission. The result is extremely low detector noise, whatever the optical path length. By combining signals from two detectors with different path lengths, the linear range is increased by a factor of 30.

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