High-throughput amplicon resequencing by custom assay

FAST, simple, and inexpensive preparation of up to 480 amplicons per sample is the claim made by Fluidigm for its Access Array Target-Specific Primers, when used with its Access Array system.

“Access Array enables researchers to amplify their specific target of interest, incorporate sample-specific barcodes, and add sequencer-specific adaptors, all at the same time. This by-passes library preparation altogether,” said Gajus Worthington, Fluidigm president and CEO.

The company says it has increased the number of amplicons per sample by a factor of ten, and that when used in conjunction with its Access Array barcode library for Illumina Sequencers, up to 384 unique samples can be multiplexed per run.

This capability makes Access Array suitable for the analysis of large sample sets across focused regions of the human genome, it adds.

The system prepares amplicons for resequencing without additional library preparation and is compatible with any next-generation sequencer (NGS) on the market.

It prepares these amplicons in just hours rather than of days, at a sample preparation cost of under 10euro, the company says.

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