Polycarbonate electrodes to premiere at Pittcon 2012

A NEW range of rugged polycarbonate bodied 12mm electrodes for pH and ORP measurement will be shown for the first time at Pittcon 2012.

Sensorex launches these electrodes at Pittcon 2012

Intended for general laboratory operations, the S150C and S151C-ORP electrodes from Sensorex are suitable for use with any pH or ORP meter and are shipped in a soaker bottle for immediate use. A newly designed tip promises pH bulb and ORP platinum protection while maintaining fluid flow through the probe.

The S150C measures the full range of pH from 0 to 14 pH (max 12.3 with no Na+ error) and gives a 90% response in less than one second. The S151C-ORP has a measurement range of +/-1999mV for ORP. They operate at up to 60C and 3.4bar(g).

Wetted materials are polycarbonate, silicone, pH glass, or platinum, and the sensors are fitted with a cable and BNC connector (other connectors optionally available). Both types models are RoHS compliant, with lead-free glass and solder.

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