NO2 analyser measures parts per trillion

THE LATEST portable gas analyser from Los Gatos Research can measure nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels directly from ambient air samples, delivering parts-per-trillion (ppt) accuracy in seconds, the company says.

Panel-mount analyser quickly and precisely measures NO2

The LGR NO2 Analyzer makes a measurement to 50ppt accuracy within one second, and this can be improved to 10ppt accuracy after less than a minute of data integration. Total measurement uncertainty is less than 1%, the company says.

These laser-based gas analysers are based on Los Gatos’s Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-Icos) technology, making the instrument faster and more precise than older chemiluminescence technologies, without the need for chemical processing, it says.

Offering fully automated operation, with ethernet and wireless connectivity, this compact analyser is intended for use in unmanned monitoring stations, airborne sampling, and in the laboratory.

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