Twelve protein samples purified in 15 minutes

ANACHEM says its Rainin PureSpeed pipette tips offer a simpler way to purify native and recombinant proteins, thanks to the affinity resin incorporated in the base of the pipette tip.

This captures, purifies, and enriches the protein of interest through the bidirectional flow of the sample through the tip bed, it says, resulting in the highest concentration of purified protein for downstream functional assays.

Traditional gravity-fed columns are effective, it adds, but can be time consuming and the large elution volumes can dilute the final sample. The PureSpeed Protein Tip draws the sample repeatedly over a packed resin bed, offering controlled contact time with the resin and therefore higher binding kinetics.

PureSpeed tips are designed for use with the LTS version of the E4 XLS electronic pipette – which has a dedicated PureSpeed mode.

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