Ductless fume hoods have ‘sophisticated’ airflow

A RANGE of ductless fume cupboards from Air Science USA are said to provide maximum operator protection thanks to a high face velocity of 0.5m/sec (100fpm) and an alarm system that creates an alert if this falls below a preset threshold.

Purair Advanced ductless fume cupboard from Air Sciences keeps its working parts downstream of the filter

The new Purair Advanced ductless fume hood range is available in widths from 60 to 240cm (2ft to 8ft), and is designed with all mechanical components and electrical connections on the ‘clean’ side of the filter, thus avoiding contamination.

14 different types of carbon are available for use in the main filter, including media created specifically for the removal of organic vapours, solvents, mercury, acids, and formaldehyde. Hepa filters for particulate filtration are also available. A removable spillage tray can be easily cleaned, and integral lighting is available as an option.

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