LC-MS methods to analyse PPCPs and pesticides in water

A NEW new technical library of LC-MS techniques for water analysis, including the detection of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) and pesticides, is now available from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The company says this is a comprehensive, regularly updated, and searchable resource with articles, application notes, webinars, posters, case studies, and videos for applications including the analysis of pesticides, PPCPs, perfluorinated compounds, herbicides, and endocrine disruptors.

“We designed the LC-MS technical library to give ready access to water analysis resources to improve and simplify laboratory operations,” said Dipankar Ghosh, strategic marketing manager for environmental and food safety at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Our LC-MS systems support a variety of applications for water and beverage sampling, from targeted and non-targeted screening to quantitative and qualitative analyses”.

Thermo says EQuan Max, an automated high-throughput LC-MS, is ideal for quick and easy detection of pesticides and PPCPs in surface and drinking water, reducing sample preparation time while maintaining the sensitivity and selectivity needed. With online sample enrichment, scientists can reduce analysis time from days to minutes, the company says, adding that the high injection volume of up to 20ml enables higher detection limits than conventional LC-MS/MS analysis.

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