Online audit trail makes pipette calibration verifiable

LABORATORIES working to any external quality standard – and these days, that is most of them – will routinely have to provide evidence of the regular calibration checks performed on their instruments and other lab equipment. Not only do the checks and adjustments have to be made, but there has to be an audit trail so that any inspector can quickly verify that they have been done.

In the case of pipette calibration, Anachem says its new Online Certificate Archive means that filing cabinets need no longer be trawled in order to establish a pipette’s calibration history. Immediate online access to validation and calibration certificates can be found with a few mouse clicks via Anachem’s website.

The company says this archive is secure and visible only to those with appropriate log-in details, and will make searching for documentation easier than ever before. Data can be retrieved from the pipette’s serial number, the laboratory’s reference number, the calibration certificate number, or even by pass/fail status.

This new service is available to Anachem customers with a current service agreement, but is not currently available for UK Accreditation Services (UKAS) calibration certificates.

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