Laboratories go live at Analytica 2012

A NEW development at Analytica 2012 will be the creation of ‘genuine’ laboratory spaces within the exhibition halls. Daily experiment presentations will be held in which exhibiting companies will be able to demonstrate their equipment and instruments.

Analytica will include live laboratories in 2012

The Live Labs initiative at Analytica will occupy portions of three exhibition halls (B1, B2, and A3), and is supported by several major international companies including Agilent, Bruker, Carl Zeiss, Elga, Eppendorf, Shimadzu, and Waters.

“Live Labs is a new element at Analytica 2012 that allows visitors to discuss specific applications with manufacturers under actual working laboratory conditions”, said Analytica director Katja Stolle.

Daily live demonstrations on topical areas of forensics and clinical diagnostics, plastics analysis, and food and water analysis are also part of the wider Analytica experience.

Modern laboratory analysis techniques are continually finding new and ingenious applications, and the hope of the organisers is that Live Labs will allow visitors to gain practical insights into developments such as doping and respiratory gas analysis. A highlight of the programme is likely to be an appearance by a well-known criminal biologist in Germany, Mark Benecke, who will apply DNA analysis techniques to some famous fictional crimes and criminals.

Analytica 2012 is to be held at the new Munich Trade Fair centre (Messe Muenchen), on 17-20 April 2012.


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