Low cost pH and ORP sensors

TRADITIONAL epoxy body electrodes and sensors are known for their durability, but many laboratories these days are keen to source lower-cost alternatives. Sensorex says it has provided just that with its new S150C and S151C-ORP 12mm pH/ORP (oxidation reduction potential) electrodes.

Polycarbonate probes from Sensorex are cheaper than epoxy alternatives

These polycarbonate-bodied detectors are said to be highly accurate, with a measurement range of 0-14pH (0-12.3 without Na+ error) and +/-1999mV for ORP. Suitable for use with any pH or ORP meter, the electrodes are shipped in a soaker bottle and so are available for immediate use on arrival. They feature a tip design which offers pH bulb and ORP platinum protection while maintaining flow.

Designed for a long maintenance-free life, the wetted materials of these electrodes are made of polycarbonate, silicone, pH glass, or platinum. They come with a 76cm cable and are RoHS compliant, as they are made using lead-free glass and solder.

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