Young researchers win 2012 SLAS awards

THE SOCIETY for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) has named the four recipients of its 2012 Young Scientist Awards. They are Brian Cox (not the TV science celebrity, but a namesake at the University of Toronto); Lauren Drowley of AstraZeneca; Zafer Gezgin of Rutgers University, and Jonas Kuehn from the École Polytechnique at Lausanne.

Awards are worth US$500 cash plus an expenses-paid trip to the SLAS conference and exhibition, to be held 4-8 February 2012 in San Diego, USA.

The four winners have each given a top presentation at a conference hosted by one of SLAS’s partner organisations. These are the Institute of Food Technologists and the International Society for Stem Cell Research, both in the USA, MipTec in Switzerland, and the European Laboratory Robotics Interest Group (Elrig) in the UK.

In San Diego, the four winners will take part in the student poster competition, with the possibility of further cash prizes.

The winning presentations are:

  • A Resource of Stem Cell Membrane Proteins for Lineage-Specific Isolation and Analysis of Early Mouse Development (Brian Cox, University of Toronto; International Society for Stem Cell Research).
  • Development of High-Content Imaging Assay to Assess a Regenerative Medicine Approach to Diabetes and Obesity (Lauren Drowley, AstraZeneca; European Laboratory Robotics Interest Group)
  • Food Nanotechnology on the Shelf: Fabricating Nano-Thin Ice Nucleating Layers on Polyethylene Films (Zafer Gezgin, Rutgers University; Institute of Food Technologists)
  • Label-Free Cytotoxicity Screening Assay by Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) (Jonas Kuehn, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne; MipTec)


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