Store big samples at low temperature

A REUSABLE sample storage rack from Micronic enables large-volume samples to be stored for long periods at cryogenic temperatures, and promises complete sample integrity and security. The Arctic Rack-24 is made of thick-walled plastic and can be autoclaved several times, providing cost savings over competing disposable racks.

Micronic's Arctic Rack 24 fits within the SBS footprint

As its name suggests, the Arctic Rack-24 has space for 24 large volume Micronic storage tubes of 6ml or 7.5ml. The product fits within the ANSI/SBS-1 (2004) footprint dimensions to make it compatible with lab automation systems.

The rack and its contents can be secured during transport with a close-fitting cover, while the open bottom makes sample defrosting faster. With covers fitted, racks can be stacked to maximise the use of space both in the freezer and during transport.

Sample identification and traceability is provided by alphanumeric visual location aids and laser engraved barcodes on two sides of the rack, plus rack foot mounting points.

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