Haemostasis coagulation analysers and reagents boost Horiba range

Horiba UK has introduced the Yumizen G range of instruments and reagents, its first move into the haemostasis sector.

The Yumizen G400 performs coagulation screening and D-dimer tests

The Yumizen G400 performs coagulation screening and D-dimer tests

It says these systems are user-friendly, efficient, and secure, providing high quality and cost-effective haemostasis for any laboratory.

The range includes:

  • Yumizen G100 INR, the smallest analyser in the range, for point of care laboratories to monitor oral anticoagulants.
  • Yumizen G200 and Yumizen G400 compact semi-automatic devices, designed to enable small laboratories to perform coagulation screening and D-dimer tests.
  • Yumizen G800 automatic benchtop coagulation analyser for laboratories with mid-size workloads.
  • Yumizen G1550 fully-automated, high capacity analyser for managing the coagulation diagnostics and monitoring requirements of clinical laboratories with mid- to high-workloads.

Cleve Wright, director of Horiba Medical UK, said: “By leveraging our expertise in haematology, we have broadened our scope in blood disease analysis into the complementary discipline of haemostasis”.

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