Are your multichannel pipette tips properly aligned?

GENERIC tips on multichannel pipettes can often resemble a mountain range rather than a straight line, according to Integra.

Perfectly aligned every time, says Integra

Perfectly aligned every time, says Integra

The company says that the reason for this lies with the cone and tip fitting design, and also because of the memory effect of the polymer tip material, which gradually returns to its original shape after being fitted.

Misaligned pipette tips can create problems in the lab, including different immersion depths and faulty touch-offs of individual tips.

These in turn can affect the accuracy of results.

Integra says its GripTips feature a positive stop, achieved by a moulded shoulder and a corresponding tip fitting found on all of its Evolve, Viaflo II, Voyager, and Viaflo 96 / 384 pipettes.

The design means that pipette tips cannot be loaded beyond the positive stop, and all tips will be at exactly the same height, the company says.

GripTips have a low attachment force, and a low ejection force, which means that no hammering-on is needed and GripTips will never loosen, leak or fall off, it claims.

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