Need to automate the extraction of DNA, RNA and proteins?

A NEW sample purification system from Thermo Scientific automatically isolates target nucleic acids and proteins for research projects in high-throughput biopharma and biotechnology and laboratories.

The KingFisher Presto is designed to be integrated into an automated laboratory workflow using a liquid handler with a gripper or robot arm.

It purifies samples from 50ul to 5ml.

The instrument has a small footprint and offers easy connection to a number of liquid handling instruments.

These can be in a side-by-side or on-deck configuration, allowing for flexible selection.

Stackable, polypropylene KingFisher plates and tip combs are designed to be placed by a robotic arm and are suitable for many biological applications, including projects that require a sterile environment, says Thermo Fisher.

“KingFisher Presto system provides reliable purification of DNA, RNA and proteins, and uses magnetic particle technology to integrate into workflows”, said Ray Mercier, vice president and general manager of liquid handling consumables at Thermo Fisher Scientific..

“This greatly reduces hands-on time, saving lab resources and money.”

The KingFisher Presto automated sample purification system allows users to choose between 24- and 96- head magnets, depending on the volume and throughput requirements.

Thermo Scientific BindIT software accompanies the KingFisher Presto system for protocol development, allowing users to create and modify their protocols and import Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems nucleic acid and protein purification kits.

The Thermo Scientific KingFisher Presto sample purification system debuts at MipTec 2016, an international life science exhibition in Basel, Switzerland.

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