Automated one-step chromogen detection

SAID to be the the first automated one-step system allowing the detection and co-visualisation of mouse and rabbit antibodies on a single slide, Leica Microsystems’s ChromoPlex 1 delivers intense staining and a clear background. Suitable for use with commercial and home-brew cocktails, the system makes same day diagnosis easier to achieve than using conventional two-step sequential or semi-automated processes.

An example of the deep staining and clear background - a user validated prostate marker cocktail - P504S (Red) and HMW CK (DAB)

ChromoPlex 1 Dual Detection is a biotin-free, polymeric horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-linker and polymeric alkaline phosphatase (AP)-linker antibody conjugate system for the detection of tissue-bound mouse and rabbit IgG primary antibodies. The small multifunctional linkers enhance tissue penetration, producing high sensitivity. High contrast between the Fast Red and DAB chromogens allows for easy antigen differentiation, says Leica.

“When tissue is limited and diagnostic decisions are needed, the most effective use of tissue sections becomes imperative” observes Konstantin Fiedler, vice president of advanced staining for Leica Microsystems. “The turnaround times with our ChromoPlex range give faster patient management, while maintaining diagnostic confidence. Laboratories can choose antibodies from different sources, ensuring the most effective combinations of antibodies can always be used”.

“The dual staining obtained using ChromoPlex 1 is attractive, crisp and consistent, and ideal when assessing prostatic biopsies” comments 0Dr Geoffrey Hulman, consultant histopathologist at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, where the detection technology was evaluated.

ChromoPlex 1 dual detection for BOND is intended for staining sections of formalin fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue for use on Leica Bond-Max and Bond-III IHC staining systems.

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