Extract genomic DNA from plant tissue more efficiently

MAGNETIC bead technology has been applied in various laboratory activities, often bringing advantages in terms of speed and convenience when separating samples into compounds of interest.

Amsbio’s MagSi-DNA Vegetal kit is a two-stage process for genomic DNA extraction from plants

Amsbio says its new MagSi-DNA Vegetal kit brings the convenience and cost effectiveness of magnetic bead technology to the world of plant genomics.

Scientists working with DNA extracted from flowers, grain crops, fruits, vegetables, trees, or other plant materials should find MagSi-DNA Vegetal is designed to maximise effectiveness, says the company.

Protocols can be adjusted to optimise specific plant extraction requirements.

The system is compatible with high-throughput robotic liquid handling systems, as well as smaller-scale plant genomics projects.

MagSi-DNA Vegetal combines two components that work together to capture purified DNA from most types of plant material.

Amsbio’s proprietary VG Lysis Buffer breaks down difficult plant specimens, including seeds, leaves, and fruits, while the magnetic bead technology is optimised to work efficiently with the buffer.

The resulting MagSi-DNA Vegetal bead-plus-buffer system provides quantitative capture of plant DNA with exclusion of difficult-to-remove plant compounds, including phenolics, carbohydrates, and other plant chemicals.


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