Automatic cell counting in 30 seconds

OLYMPUS says its latest cell counter, the R1, is engineered to offer user-friendly and cost-effective cell counting for routine cell culturing in a portable design.

Cell Counter R1 from Olympus automates cell counting and sorting

Many research applications rely on accurate cell counts, which traditionally are done manually by the human operator or lab technician. The R1 automates the process to provide fully automated cell counting along with detailed reporting.

The company says the secret of the automated cell counter’s performance is the use of innovative liquid lens autofocus technology, which mimics the way the human eye focuses.

The software can identify live and dead cells, can resolve clusters of clumped cells, and sort cells by their roundness and size. Cell dilution is calculated and automated cell counts generated in as little as 15 seconds, it adds.

Cell size distribution can be analysed via automatically-generated histograms, and the upper and lower limits of detection can be adjusted to discern only the desired cell lines.

The R1 can store up to 1000 counts and 300 different protocols for routine culturing procedures. Results are available at a glance and counts can be saved and exported as CSV files via USB.

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