Everyday microscope suits classroom and field

THE latest iteration of Olympus‘s range of routine and educational microscopes, the CX23, promises high performance with ergonomic design in a compact package.

CX23 is latest in line of Olympus general purpose optical microscopes

The company says this latest microscope is packed full of well-considered, clever features to enhance every step of the workflow.

High-performance optics include a quadruple nosepiece equipped with Olympus’s plan achromat objectives to provide a wide field of view with a field number of 20.

Image flatness throughout the field of view is said to be ‘superb’, and long working distances are supported by a focus lock to prevent objectives and specimens from damage.

An LED light source provides 20,000 hours of service life and low power consumption, and reduced blue light improves colour observation on HE staining.

The CX23 also includes ergonomic features for comfortable personalised use, including interpupillary adjustment for observation, left and right dioptre adjustment for optimal eye focus, and an adjustable eyepoint for users of different heights.

Weighing in at 5.9kg, the CX23 is said to be one of the lightest microscopes in its class and so is suitable for use in the field.

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