qPCR assay plates streamline high throughput analysis

IDT reports that primers and probes for 5′-nuclease and intercalating dye assays (such as Sybr) can now be directly ordered online in a 96 well plate format. The launch of PrimeTime qPCR assay plates for high throughput qPCR analysis eliminates the time-consuming transfer of primers and probes from reagent stocks, and streamlines reaction set-up, it says.

These plates are said to be suitable for many applications that generate large quantities of data, such as validation of NGS and microarray data, as well as high throughput gene expression screening.

A range of primer and/or probe concentrations are available, delivered lyophilized within a 96 deep-well plate. For additional flexibility, different dye-quencher combinations can also be ordered on the same plate, extending the range of assays that can be performed during a single run.

A complete 96-well plate does not need to be ordered, as just 24 assays is the minimum per plate order. Replicate plates can be generated at a lower total cost per reaction, offering further cost savings nd making this format particularly suited to high throughput applications in academia and industry, says the company.

Custom assays can be designed and ordered with the online PrimeTime qPCR assay tool, allowing users to create a master plate via copy/paste actions from source data.

Researchers can also select from a specialised library of predesigned human, mouse, or rat assays generated by IDT’s design engine, which takes into account the latest data from the NCBI RefSeq database  to avoid off-target amplification and SNPs.

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