Wavelength extender boosts supercontinuum generation

SPECIFICALLY designed for supercontinuum generation when used with femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers, Newport’s SCG-02 wavelength extender is said to be ideal for a variety of spectroscopy and nonlinear microscopy applications.

Newport's SCG-02 Wavelength Extender

Laser input is split into two parallel beams – the fundamental pump, and the parallel, unfiltered broadband supercontinuum. This allows for the selection of specific spectra of interest, or the the independent use or recombination of both laser beam lines. The pump beam is attentuated for precision control of the output power.

The SCG-02 comes already assembled and with optics factory-aligned, to facilitate integration into multimodal spectroscopy and imaging assemblies. It can be used with two-photon microscopes for additional modalities, and says Newport enhances pump-probe imaging and spectroscopy capabilities.

Features include manual controls to attenuate fundamental throughput and to generate parallel, broadband supercontinuum output. The device is designed to preserve the beam path and the tuning range of the pump source.

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