How to choose the best liquid flowmeter for the lab

A NEW white paper, ‘How to specify liquid flowmeters’, draws on many years of experience from Titan Enterprises .

The company observes that accurate, reliable, and cost effective flow measurement is more important today than it has ever been. The importance of making measurements may be high, but awareness of the factors which determine which type and model of flowmeter will best suit a specific operation are not necessarily widely known.

Operational parameters including pipe bore, flow path, liquid viscosity, particulate levels, measurement accuracy, measurement dynamic range, maintenance, and target purchase price are all important, it adds.

This eight-page white paper examines different styles of flowmeter, including differential pressure, turbine, propeller, positive displacement, vortex, ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and mass flow measurement. Their merits and limitations are discussed, and other constraints outlined.

The guide, available free from Titan Enterprises, includes an easy-to-use selection guide that charts application examples against 14 different types of flowmeter, highlighting the good, the bad, and the questionable techniques for each application.

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